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Register for our 2024 Mini Spring Session!

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These are beginner level combo classes for ages 6-10. They are non-recital classes. One combo class is $189 for the full 12 weeks. If combined with the other mini session combo class, both classes are $269 total. (Discount must be applied manually by admin OR you can use promo code 2024SPRING.)


Yin yoga is a gentle style of yoga involving static stretching held for a longer period of time, targeting the connective tissue, like the fascia and the ligaments. Yin yoga also involves breathwork in a calming and meditative environment to benefit mental health and a calming of a nervous system. Additionally, yin yoga benefits joints and balance within your body. 


Intro to movement and basic ballet technique for ages 2-4. This is a non-recital class.

please contact the studio with any questions you have about class selections or placement!
Call/text: 321.298.0599

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