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  • If registering at the beginning of the new season, August and September tuition will both be due at registration.

  • There is also a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $30 due at the time of registration to ensure your child's placement in class. Additional children from the same family will be $20 each.

  • Full tuition is expected regardless of the student's attendance. This ensures the student's continued registration in the class(es). Students will have the opportunity to make up any missed class(es).

  • Sibling discount: Families registering multiple children will receive a 10% discount on the student with the lesser tuition. Ex: 1st student takes 2 classes totaling 2 hours; 2nd student takes 1 class totaling .75 hours. 10% will be taken off the 2nd student's tuition.

  • Discounts are offered for full semester and full season tuition payments.
    Receive a 5% discount when you pay for a full semester (August-December or January-May).
    Receive a 10% discount if you pay for the entire season (August-May).

  • Recital Fees: Costume fees are due in January and are $75/costume. There is a one-time $85 recital fee due in February.

  • All tuition and other fees are non-refundable.

  • Effective 6/1/24 - A 4% processing fee will by added onto all credit card/ACH transactions.


*Effective 6/1/22*

30 min/week - $60/month
45 min/week - $70/month
1 hr/week - $80/month
1.25 hr/week - $90/month
1.5 hr/week - $100/month
1.75 hr/week - $110/month
2 hr/week - $120/month
2.25 hr/week - $130/month
2.5 hr/week - $135/month
2.75 hr/week - $140/month
3 hr/week - $150/month
3.25 hr/week - $155/month
3.5 hr/week - $160/month
3.75 hr/week - $165/month
4 hr/week - $170/month
4.25 hr/week - $175/month
4.5 hr/week - $185/month
Unlimited - $200/month
Drop-in Rate - $20/class

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